AMAX Professionally Trained Employees

What does a professionally trained hardwood flooring employee mean at AMAX Floors? It means that each and every employee is screened and test prior to hiring in our training facility. After being hired each employee is put through a specific training course one day a week to ensure their doing the AMAX way of installing wood floors and refinishing hardwood floors.

The 4 Point Training Program

Machine Proficiency – Employees must be proficient and pass a test on each and every machine we use. This ensures that the machine is used correctly and with the proper methods for the best results. Everyone has a different way of running a machine for their desired results. AMAX Floors has its own way and we believe it to be the best!

Customer Relations – AMAX Floors is very big on perfect customer service. While we understand perfection is impossible we try to get as close as possible. We have regular meetings on how to treat customers, how to deal with issues that happen and offer timely solutions. Another thing we do is send our employees to training on how to talk and interact with customers in an efficient way!

Best Finish Techniques – The biggest way to ensure durability is with the best finishing techniques. By offering our employees lessons on how to appropriately apply finish and sand floors you will have the most durable floor possible. Finish that is applied in the wrong manner can compromise your floor and cause issues years down the road.