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Refinishing your hardwood flooring is an awesome option for change the look of your hardwood flooring that has already been installed. At AMAX Floors we can sand your floor, add stain and finish and transform your floor. AMAX is also a dustless hardwood flooring refinisher which is a huge deal!

Installing hardwood flooring is much more than it appears. We employee top level craftsman to ensure our quality meets our customers standards. We love to talk to our customers about their vision and do our best to make that vision a reality. We can talk with you about types of wood, size of planks as well as stain and finish options.

Keeping your wood floor in tip-top shape means maintenance. Did you know if you maintain a floor it should last a lifetime without having to re-sand the floor every 10-20 years! A Maintenance coat will make the floor look new again and continues to protect the hardwood floor for many years to come.

About Pocatello Hardwood Flooring Services by AMAX Floors

AMAX Floors Pocatello offers a full line up of hardwood flooring services. We have been in business for over 18 years and have never stopped growing. Hardwood is our passion and we love to provide customers beautiful flooring.

We value continued education in the hardwood industry and are a NWFA certified in hardwood floor installation as well as hardwood refinishing. We are certified with the MFMA, Basic Coatings, Bona, Loba, Lagler and Arboritec. We are confident in our abilities and can handle your job every step of the way. We know proper grit progressions, finish thickness, nailing schedules and all the other ins-and-outs of hardwood flooring. We follow these procedures and techniques to offer you the best possible finished product.

Dust control is a huge concern of our customers and we are happy to provide the best vacuum possible. The Bona DCS trailer is guaranteed to have the best dust collection available. The engine in the trailer is 27 HP and has 400 CFMs, making our vacuum more than 2x more powerful than our competitions. We use the trialer along side our dustless hardwood floor finish vacuum and other dustless add-ons to create the best possible containment system.

Amax Pocatello also offers high quality durable finishes. We are able to use oil-based, water-based, Swedish and even UV finishes. We can walk you through the options and help find the right choice for you. Our estimator is prepared to walk you through the different options, discuss finish choices and the pros and cons of each and answer any other questions you may have. We want your floor to last through the years and we know with the options AMAX floors provides it will.

AMAX Pocatello Services:

  • Pocatello
  • Idaho Falls

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With over 18 years of being in business and hundreds of years of experience between our employees you are sure to get a great floor. That is why AMAX Floors is #1 Rated Idaho Hardwood Refinishing & Installation.

Why Dustless Sanding Matters

Since we started working in hardwood the number one question we get asked is about dust related to hardwood refinishing. AMAX Floors Pocatello is happy to say we are leaving the dust…in the dust! We use Bona Atomic Trailers we provide ensure the lowest amount of dust possible will be left in our customers homes. Our previous customers have been truly amazed by how little dust is left behind. The Bona trailer has the highest CFM or suction available. We know that nothing else compares to this option in dust containment and we are happy to provide the best of the best.

Dust isn’t just a nuisance its also a health concern. Dust is a known carcinogen and we don’t want our employees or customers exposed to excess dust. Being a dust free company is about so much more than just ascetics. We love what we do but hate that dust is a by product of it. We have made it one of our missions to find and utilize the best dustless technology for hardwood refinishing.

Quick Facts-

  • Safer for our customers and employees
  • Less mess
  • Less airborne dust
  • Better overall finish due to less inclusions

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Durable Flooring Finishes

AMAX Floors is not a new company and we have some experience under our belt. One of the things we have learned in our years of working in this industry is that some finishes outperform others. We don’t use cheaper finishes to try and save money because we know the end product will be inferior. AMAX Pocatello only uses the highest quality finishes to ensure your hardwood flooring installation or refinish is top of the line.

We have found that there are a few companies that have the best pricing and durability. We use products that we feel good about and have local resources to allow us to best serve our customers. We tend to use 2-part component finishes because they have a superior durability and can withstand the Pocatello Winter.

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