AMAX Floors is capable of any flooring project need.





AMAX Hardwood Floor Services


With hundreds of years of experience within the company at wood floor installation you are sure to have a craftsman, quality experience that meets & exceeds the NWFA guidelines.


Our crews are experienced in hardwood refinishing/finishing and will make your floor look absolutely stunning. Our Dustless 27HP vacuums ensure your home is kept clean.


Floor maintenance ensures you can have your beautiful floor the way it is for the next 20-30 years. Regular cleaning and scheduled Buff & coat’s ensure no sanding of hardwood is done.


AMAX Floors is a company founded on the fact if we make sure our customers and our employees are well taken care of the by products of that will produce a successful company. When you choose AMAX Floors you hire a team of local craftsman who know how to ensure your hardwood floor looks the way it should, beautiful. Our team of experience hardwood professionals can see your project from start to end with processes that are certified & products that will last with your family.

AMAX Floors is an ever evolving company. We use the latest products, newest equipment and the best practices. We regualrly send our staff to schools to keep up with the best practices in the industry. Our company is NWFA, MFMA, Arboritec, Basic Coatings, Lagler and Loba Certified. Simply put, we know floors.

No matter if you are looking to have a hardwood floor refinish, hardwood floor installation or maintenance on your wood floor you can trust the AMAX Floors name. Please read our reviews on Google, Facebook & any other review site and see that we have satisfied customers who loved the AMAX process from start to finish.


Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

We know, hardwood dust is awful. We agree, our employees agree. That is why our hardwood company only uses the best wood flooring vacuums on the market. The trailers that are used on all our jobs are powered by 27HP gas engines mounted to a trailer. No other vacuum or bag on the market will ensure dust pickup like our system.

The main highlights to our vacuum trailers:

  • Safer to breathe for you and us!
  • No mess in your house
  • Least amount of dust possible airborne
  • Better overall finish

Dust is the #1 complaint and that complaint has been mitigated 100% with these trailers, there is nothing better!

Safe, Durable Flooring Finishes

Hardwood flooring is an investment. Refinishing a hardwood floor can be costly to most who have it done. For this reason alone you only want the best finish on your floor, this will ensure a floor that lasts for a lifetime. While all floors need maintenance, with a strong finish you can have less cost year after year. AMAX Floors only uses the best finishes that ensure a tough floor barrier between your feet and wood.

Our finish options:

  • Water-Based
  • Ultra-Violet
  • Oil-modified

Our water-based, ultra-violet and some of our oil products are all green products that will ensure your safety in your house. With proper maintenance and cleaning your floor should last many, many years.



We guarantee you will love your floor or we will fix it till you are happy. We know that with our experience you will have a piece of floor, art you love. All our employees have years of experience and can ensure on each and every wood floor installation, hardwood refinish or maintenance coat you will get a floor that adheres to all NWFA guidelines.

AMAX Floors can ensure our company does not cut corners since we charge a little bit more money and pay our employees top rates. By giving our employees a place to be successful helps them, and the by product is that they love work. When employees love work they tend to do better work for our customers.


AMAX Floors guarantees we will never sell an inferior product to you or your family. Our company knows that using the highest quality products will ensure that your floor is simply the best it can be in look, durability and maintenance. Great products like Arboritec, Basic coatings and many others make us look amazing no matter if we are doing a hardwood floor refinish, wood floor installation or the yearly maintenance/cleaning. By only using the best products and not charging more AMAX will gain a customer for life.