Why Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

Dust is the biggest concern everyone has in our industry. From customers to the employees no one loves dust. While everyone seems to be “dustless” these days AMAX Floors is truly as dustless as you can be. We have a Bona Atomic Trailer that has the most suction for the longest amount of time of any vacuum on the market.

Our Bona Atomic Trailer system is a 27 H.P. motor that is gas powered. The suction is rated at 450CFM. It also has 1250 Sq. Ft. of vacuum bag space. Normal vacuums are 3 H.P., have 100CFM and 90 Sq. Ft. of filter space. The difference is astonishing. DustĀ outside vs dust everywhere inside.

The absolute best part about our trailer vacuums is that the flooring dust is transferred outside and never emptied in your house.

Dust is a carcinogen, did you know the more dust floating in your house the worse it is for your health. Not only your health but our employees as well!

Reasons for Dust Control

  • Healthier air in your house
  • Better finish results
  • Less of a mess
  • Least amount of cleanup
  • Dust carried outside
  • Gas powered – Not electric

The Machine’s Dust Control

Not only does AMAX Floors have the best vacuum system but our machines are the best at dust control. Each of our specific machines has am unique dust skirt to keep the machine suctioned to the floor. By having specific dust skirts we keep our 450CFMS trapped in the machine and capturing the maximum about of dust.

Dustless Machines

  • Belt sander
  • Edger
  • Orbital
  • Buffer
  • Planetary sander

The Other Types of Vacuums

Not all vacuums are created equal. Vacuum systems can be vastly different and can have varying levels of effectiveness. Must vacuums have good initial suction and hardwood creates such fine dust that initial suction is not the biggest concern. The fine particles of hardwood dust means you need the keep the same suction during the entire vacuuming process. The constant suction allows you to suck up and transport the dust particles out of the house. Homes generally have more than 350 sq.ft. Of wood and we will empty filter and bags multiple times. Sanding hardwood makes a lot of dust, we remove about 50 gallons of dust on a typical 350 sq. ft. refinishing. If an effective dust containment system is not at 98% of higher the entire time you are letting gallons of dust into your home.

Shop Vacs

Shop vacuums are something that is commonly used in the hardwood flooring industry. These are common because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The issues with these type of vacuums include the small filter surface and the clogging. The hoses for a shop vac are only meant to be 5 foot long and the vacuums are not designed for 8 hour a day use. Realistically the filter should be changed every 30-60 minutes to help with the clogging from the fine particles.


  • Initial Suction is Great
  • Easy to find and purchase


  • Suction lost quickly
  • 5′ hose length
  • Spews dust when filter clogs
  • Dust stays in the house
  • Dust left everywhere
  • Debris left on the floor
  • Bag method is more effective


The dust bag method has been around for about 100 years in relation to hardwood flooring machines. This option for the top of the line until about 20 years ago and it captures around 70% of dust. These dust bags, shop vacs and canister vacuums are why people associate refinishing with so much dust. The dust bags need to be managed every 5-10 to keep dust from being released into the air. The other issue with dust bags is that the containment system is still within the house. When the dust bag is removed dust is released into the air no matter how careful the operator is.


  • Removes 70% of Dust
  • Free/included with machines


  • Leaves dust in the house
  • 100 year old technology
  • Loses Suction with each pass

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are also a popular option for refinishing hardwood floors. They are designed for hardwood and are more effective than a shop vac. The filter options are better and the price point is obtainable for most people so they are a popular choice. The clogging issue is still a big deal with canister vacuums. They filter will likely clog within about 20 minutes because of the design and the filter size. The suction drops as the filters clog and the dust is no longer sucked up. When the dust isn’t sucked in it is loose in the house.


  • Entry level choice for hardwood flooring
  • Initial suction is great
  • Obtainable price wise


  • 10′-15′ hose length max
  • Similar dust containment as bagging method
  • Throws dust in about 15-20 minutes
  • Dust is captured inside the house

AMAX Trailer Vacuums

Trailer vacuums are designed to be specifically used for hardwood refinishing. The vacuum trailer are truly dustless certified and green air certified. These means that 99% of dust is removed from the house and run to the outside canister. The machine has a big blower that has more than 3.5 suction than other vacuums on the market. Furthermore the bag/filter system in the trailers is the equivalent to 125 canister vacuum filters. The filter is 5 feet tall instead of the 6 inch tall in the canister vacuum. The suction is so powerful that it creates an essentially dust free environment. Trailer dustless vacuums like those used by A-MAX Hardwood are truly top of the line.


  • Hoses can run 300′ feet without losing suction
  • Constant Suction for 30-40 minutes
  • Certified green guard safe
  • Certified Dustless
  • Dust canister outside rather than in the your house


  • Costly
  • Parking