About Wood Floor Installation

Installation is key to any hardwood flooring project, it is the base! If you start with a base that is firmly planted and crafted with pride your finished hardwood flooring project will simply be better. A true craftsman can make a wood floor look like a piece of art. Tight boards, proper fasteners and glue will ensure your floor is a lifetime floor. AMAX Floors follows all the NWFA hardwood floor installation guidelines.

The AMAX installers are all guaranteed to follow every NWFA guideline to ensure a proper floor has been installed and will give your house a beauty that was missing before. No matter if you want 3/4″ hardwood, prefinished or a fully custom milled floor, AMAX floors is able to provide a solution start to finish.

Hardwood Installation Process

Installation Bidding Process

One of our experienced wood technicians comes our to your house. He will ask you about your project, take measurements and figure out what you are looking for. The most important part of any project is to listen to what our customers want and make what they want a reality. Our quotes are easy to understand and are good for up to 6 months.

Installation Acclimation Process

Acclimation of hardwood is imperative to a successful installation. Without making the hardwood a specific moisture level for your house (EMC) your hardwood installation will fail. The way AMAX has no hardwood failures is by using moisture readers. By using these readers we can ensure the hardwood is matched to the moisture level of your hardwood.

Wood Installation & Finishing

On the days of the installation and the finishing our hardwood craftsman will show up and guide you through the process. Our employees are all able to answer any questions you might have. No matter the difficulty our experience floor installers and hardwood finishers have enough experience to answer questions on the fly. AMAX floor’s job is to make you feel comfortable every step of the installation and finishing process. We ensure that by hiring only the best, most experienced employees.

Walk-Thru & Cleaning Lesson

On the last day of the job our wood flooring expert that has been on the job since day one will make sure to do a final walk-thru of the job to ensure you are happy with the work. Any questions or concerns should be raised now sot that they might answer your concerns. They will also go through a full lesson on how to properly maintain your floor and clean it. This is essential to a floro that will last for many years.

Different Hardwood Choices

There are many different hardwoods and they all have different attributes that make them what they are. Some are colorful, very hard, brown, some stain nicely, others are simple or wild. The beauty of hardwood is that not one floor is the same, wood is natural and can not be reproduced. Below are some of the hardwood floors we are able to install for you. You can read more here.

white oak

White Oak

red oak

Red Oak







brazilian cherry

Brazilian Cherry

Why AMAX Floor Installations are Different

AMAX Floor hardwood installations are meant a lifetime. To do this we make sure all our installers adhere to strict wood floor installation policies. We send all our employees to classes by the NWFA to ensure they are up to all guidelines. All our installation jobs have a very strict checklist to ensure your floor is installed correctly. These include:

  • Proper nailing schedule
  • Moisture/humidity readings before & after
  • Moisture retarder
  • Proper glue use

Our installers are also able to help you throughout each step of the installation process and we guarantee the following from our employees:

  • Answer any questions you might have
  • On time
  • Use proper dust containment
  • Make the work space tidy after each work day