About Floor Refinishing

Any floor can be made to look like an amazing piece of art. Wood is a resilient product that can be refinished time and time again to give your home a special look and feel after the process of hardwood refinishing. No matter if you have a floor that has worn through finish, water damage or even possible moisture issues it can be made right and look phenomenal again. The beauty about a hardwood refinish is you are stripping the old away and slightly sanding the wood to a fresh layer that has been un-touched.

Hardwood refinishing is a magical experience once all done. The finished product is something that is beautiful. The warmth a newly sanded floor brings to a home is perfect.

The Hardwood Refinishing Process

Refinishing Bid Process

Our professional, seasoned wood flooring expert will come come to your house for an in home consultation. All our flooring sales technicians are trained to help you through the flooring process and choices of refinishing. Stain, finish material and finish sheens are some of the options you will need to choose from. It is key to have someone who can help you see the future so you know what to expect when the project is done.

The Sanding Process

The sanding process is a pleasant surprise. Most our customers are astonished at how little dust we produce in their homes. With our 27 hp. trailers no one without one can come close to how little dust we produce.  The wood flooring technicians that are AMAX employees and not a 1099 contractor or some hired for the day will ensure you are comfortable with the process. Our technicians will guide you through each step of the process and be able to answer any technical question you might have.

Final Walk-Thru

When all the work is completed and we are comfortable to hand over our floor back to you our wood technicians will do a final walk-thru. It is critical we do a walk-thru with our customers at the end of the job to ensure our quality and craftsmanship is up to your standards and expectations. The wood technicians at the hardwood refinish will also show you and your family how to properly clean your floor and what can be done to maintain its wonderful luster throughout the years.

Green Hardwood Floor Finishes

One of our major selling points at AMAX Floors is that we offer green flooring finishes that are super durable for your flooring refinish. By offering only the most durable finishes ensures your investment in your flooring project lasts as long as it can. Our green finishes include water-based and U.V. finishes. These finishes are less harmful to humans and the environment and ensure a toxic free house after moving back in.

Hardwood Refinishing Expectations

Expectations of what AMAX will bring to the tabel are fully laid out before even meeting our amazing team. Our happy customers do most the work for us in bring us customers. But int he event you have never heard about us let us explain. We are a company that puts our employees first – we consider them family and make sure they are very fairly paid. In return our employees make sure our customers are extremely thrilled with the work they have done. This means they are happy to be at the job and want to give each job their best.


  • On time
  • Professional
  • Answer any questions
  • Spplication of coating is correct
  • Sdhere to NWFA guidlines

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

Dust is probably one of our biggest questions we receive each and every bid. Let us be the first to tell you we hate dust probably more than you do. Did you know dust is bad for our health, we should not be breathing in that many particulates. It can hurt our respiratory system and some woods are a carcinogenic. This is why we have invested in using the best vacuum system in the world. Our 27hp. motors beats any electric or bag system in the world. Our employees or you should be subjected to a health concern.

Our amazing vacuums also help bring the best product to you by allowing us to have the cleanest floors possible. Nothing can get by our vacuums.