Why Hire AMAX Floors

AMAX Floors has been doing floors as a company for over 18 years. We have a reputation of producing a floor that is what our customers wants and expects. Our employees are certified with many different manufacturers and non-profit organizations. With over 5,000 jobs under our belt we can ensure the best job with the best prices.

Professionally Trained Employees

By having employees who are professionally trained by our owner, different manufacturers and the NWFA we are able to ensure a quality floor. Training is a big part of our business plan, training makes for better floors and even better employees who are confident in what they do. Some of the companies and manufacturers we are certified with are:

  • Lagler
  • Arboritec
  • Loba
  • Wakol
  • Basic Coatings
  • NWFA
  • MFMA
  • Bona

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our philosophy is that if we do not live up to your standards we either setup the wrong expectations or there was a miss communication in our process. If you are not happy please give your wood technician a call and one of our people will be out to figure out the issue and make sure you are happy, no matter how we have to do that. Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction.

Licensed & Insured

AMAX Floors is a fully licensed and insured company. We have all the appropriate licenses and insurances for each state we are located in. If you would like to see our paperwork feel free to ask, we always have them on file. We also use a full payroll system so all our employees have full works compensation as mandated by each state. By having full insurance for every part of work we do you can be assured no matter if an issue happens, we have the appropriate plans in place.

Locally Owned

Each of our Different locations is independently run and owned. Each and everyone of our locations have the same strict standards and results. By having local owners we are able to fully satisfy the markets AMAX Floors is in. No one knows the people in a town better than a local company and owner.