Allan is our founder. Currently he is certified with the following organizations and companies.

  • NWFA
  • MFMA
  • Lagler
  • Bona
  • Loba
  • Basic Coatings
  • Arboritec

AMAX Floors is a hardwood company built on integrity, craftsmanship and spectacular customer service. We like to say that our company is not a hardwood company but a people company with an emphasis in hardwood. The goal of AMAX Floor is and always will be to make our customers love what we do. Without our customers we would not be as great as we are today!

Customer Service

With every great company comes along great customer service. From day one we have made it a goal to always answer calls, emails or texts in a timely manner. We can promise our employees will be kind courteous and have a direct answer for all our customers no matter the question.


After customer service we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship to produce a quality job. We know we are not the cheapest company out there and there is a reason for that. Our employees are highly trained, have continuing education and use the best practices because of their knowledge. We craft our jobs so that our floors are lifetime floors.

Amazing Employees

We pride ourselves on only having the best employees. Simple put, AMAX employees are amazing. By paying our employees above market rates we make sure our employees care about their job, our customers and their finish product. Our employees make the AMAX name what it is.