Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

The AMAX Floors deep hardwood floor cleaning is a great way to make your floor sparkle again. Many times homeowners will put solutions on their floor that make them look cloudy, dull or overall bad. By using our scrubber system we are able to make the floors look crisp again.

The scrubber we use from Basic Coatings is a walk behind machine. This machine squirts solution with a high pH on the floor and then uses its bristles to scrub the floor. The scrubber is a very hardwood friendly bristle which allows for agitation but does not harm the floor finish. Manual cleaning will never get your hardwood floor as clean as the AMAX Floors deep clean.

Expectations of a Cleaning

  • 100% dirt gone
  • Contaminants will be scrubbed off
  • Wood pores will be full cleaned
  • Floor will be more even
  • More grip on the floor

Step #1: The Pre-Cleaning

The first step in the whole deep cleaning process of your hardwood is for us to get all hair, dirt and debris off the floor. Our 400CFM flooring vacuum  is the best option for this. It is 4-6x more powerful than any other vacuum in your home. This allows us to clean a floor with the least amount of dirt on the floor. By having a clean surface we are not creating “mud” and a better clean will happen!

Step #2: The Cleaning

Now that the floor is clean, we can begin the hardwood floor deep clean. The cleaning of a hardwood floor is best done by our walk behind machine. This machine agitates a high pH liquid on the floor. This agitation loosens dirt and makes it able to be sucked up through the machine. We will do 2-3 passes on this machine to get everything possible off the floor.

Step #3: How to Clean

After the cleaning is done, we will give you a cleaning kit, some solution that leaves no residue behind and a lesson on proper cleaning. By doing a few extra steps your floor will stay cleaner, look better and last longer. Proper cleaning allows for the best extraction of dirt and less debris on the floor till next time we clean the floor for you!