Will there be dust?

AMAX uses the best dust vacuum in the industry. our company has opted to use the 27 HP gas motor from Bona. This is a fully designed system for hardwood refinishing and hardwood refinishing only. If you want the best dust collection system, this is the only system to have on the job site.

Do I need to move my furniture for refinishing?

yes, unfortunately we do not move any valuable or furniture. Our insurance limits us from moving your household items and it makes sure we do not break anything precious to you and your family.

How long does hardwood refinishing take?

If you house is under 600 sq. ft. it will be 2-3 days. If you house is over 600 Sq. Ft. it will most likely be 3-4 days for completion. We want to make sure to take our time so your floor looks as best as possible.

What finishes does AMAX offer?

AMAX floor is able to do any flooring finish you would like. Different flooring finishes are used for different situations. We are able to do conversion varnish, water-based, oil-based and UV.


How much dust does installation create?

Most the dust from installation will be from ripping out your carpet or substrate. We make dust outside and use vacuums during this process.

Are your wood technicians using proper methods?

Yes, our technicians use the proper methods. We ensure we use glue where is needed, always use tongue and groove to ensure rigidity & use proper nailing schedules.

Do you check moisture?

Our contract mandates every technician checks moisture and note the moisture on your contract. This ensures for the best and proper installation of your floor. Moisture is the biggest factor in a floor that does not move.