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AMAX Floors Atlanta is a full service hardwood flooring company. We have been growing our company for over 18 years and we hope to never stop growing. Hardwood flooring is more than a profession to us but it is our passion and we love to provide our customer with beautiful hardwood.

We love to continue our education and have been a priority of ours. We are NWFA certified for hardwood flooring installation and hardwood refinishing. We are also certified with MFMA, Lagler, Loba, Arboritec, Basic Coatings and Bona. We know the steps to follow, how to use our machines and how to meet industry standards as well as our customesr standards. We want to ensure you get the best possible floor and know that adding classes and certifications to our team ensures beautiful and quality results.

Dust control is a huge concern for our company and we are happy to be able to provide our customers with the best vacuum on the market. We use the Bona DCS trailer and it provides top level dust control. The trailer boasts a 27 hp engine and 400 CFM making it more powerful than the competitions vacuums by far. We use this along side our dustless hardwood floor finish vacuum and dustless equipment.

AMAX Atlanta doesn’t just research dust containment and sanding patterns but we also research finish types. We offer oil, water, Swedish and UV finishes. We can help you figure out which finish is right for you. We go over the pros and cons during our bid and identify the best options for your needs. We want your floor to be something you love and something that will last throughout the years.

Hardwood floor refinishing is the perfect option if you have hardwood flooring already installed but want to change the look. AMAX Floors sands down your original wood, applies the stain or finish of your choice and can change your wood flooring. We are proud to say we have dustless refinishing options!

Installing hardwood flooring is a specialty of AMAX floors. Our company truly the best craftsman in the installation aspect of our trade. We are able to fulfill your vision and make it a reality. There are so many different choices and there is something out there that will be perfect for the design and style for your home.

AMAX floors isn’t just a residential flooring company, we also do gym flooring. We can do gym installation, refinishes, maintenance and more. We are full service when it comes to gyms and can also do painting and striping for sport courts. AMAX uses the best quality products to produce the best quality gyms.

Why Dustless Sanding Matters

For the last 15 years we have been getting the same question, “Is there going to be a lot of dust?”. At AMAX Floors Atlanta we are happy to tell you that we have conquered the dust issue. We use Bona Atomic Trailers and can promise that we have the lowest amount of dust possible. We amaze our customers every time with how little dust is left behind. The Bona trailer has the highest CFM or suction on the market and nothing can compare to this level of dust containment.

Not only does dust get everywhere it can be bad for your health. Dust can get into your lunges and eyes and be annoying and even harmful since it is a carcinogen. We are passionate about hardwood flooring but dust is a nuisance and we strive to be the most dust free company possible. We invest in the best dustless hardwood refinishing technology for our customers and employees alike.

Quick Facts-

  • Less Mess
  • Safer
  • Reduced airborne dust
  • Better finished product

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Durable & Local Flooring Finishes

At AMAX Floors we like to say that a floor is only as good as its finish and with our years of experience we know the finishes that make the best impact. We are always looking at new products and testing them to find the best options for our customers so their finish can outperform their expectations. We don’t ever skimp on quality to save money.

We have a few companies we like to use- Basic Coatings, Bona and Arboritec are who we feel has the best durability and pricing. We love that they have offices in the US so we can work along side them easily and attend classes and seminars of theirs. We use a lot of 2-part component products because they have superior strength and durability for our customers.

Our Amazing Wood Staff

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