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AMAX San Diego offers hardwood flooring services including installation and refinishing. We have been in business for more than 18 years and are continuing to grow. We aren’t just another flooring company, we are passionate about hardwood and love what we do.

AMAX is NWFA certified for both hardwood floor installation and hardwood refinishing. We didnt stop there, we are also certified by MFMA, Arboritec, Basic Coatings, Bona, Lagler, and Loba. These certifications give us the know how to handle your flooring project with ease. We follow the proper procedures for nailing, grit progressions, and finish thickness. These procedures ensure you will get the best floor possible.

One of our customers big concerns is dust control. We heard these concerns and made it out goal to find the best vacuum possible. Our Bona DCS trailers are the best dust control on the market. The trailer has a 27 HP engine and 400 CFM making this vacuum 2x more powerful than the competition. We use our dustless hardwood floor finish vacuum to ensure we are as dust free as possible.

AMAX San Diego uses the most durable hardwood finishing on the market. We use Swedish, water-based, oil, and UV finishes. We are happy to talk to you about the different finishes and what would work best for your unique circumstances. We are passionate about making wood flooring work in any home and last for years to come.

Refinishing hardwood flooring is a way to give your wood new life. These process can change the look of hardwood flooring that you already have in your home. AMAX floors sands your floor, can add stains to change the color and look of your floor, and applies finish to create a beautiful new aesthetic. Our dustless refinishing process is a true game changer.

Installation of hardwood flooring is one of AMAX floors specialties. We employee great craftsman to ensure the best installation possible. We look at your vision and want to bring it to life. We offer a variety of hardwood flooring options like color, type of wood, and size of planks.

AMAX Flooring doesn’t just work in the residential realm but we also work on gym flooring. We are able to go gyms from installation to refinishing and maintenance coats. AMAX has a rider for sanding your floors, can painting and striping game lines and apply finish coats. We are truly full service in the gym industry. We offer the top finishes for gyms.

What is the Dustless Sanding Difference

AMAX Floors San Diego gets a lot of questions about dust in regards to hardwood floor refinishing. AMAX is happy to say we have dust containment systems that will blow you away. We use the Bona Atomic Trailer system to help keep dust to the lowest level possible. Our customers are amazed by how much dust we can control with our vacuum system. There truly is no other system on the market that matches our CRM or suction. We know that dust containment is important so we have invested in high quality equipment.

We know dust is a nuisance in your home but it can also adversly affect your health. We like to take steps to protect our customers but also our employees so the keep the carcinogen out of the air is really important to us. We want to be the leader is dust containment in the hardwood industry so we are always adding new technology and features to our crews. We love what we do but cant stand dust filled rooms. Investing in dust containment is one of our biggest priorities after providing high quality finished products.

Quick Facts-

  • Safer for breathing
  • Less mess in your home
  • Best removal of dust from home and airborne
  • Provides better overall finish

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Call us today for 5% off your hardwood flooring project. We guarantee you will love working with us. Our company is prompt, reliable and professional.

Durable & Local Flooring Finishes

AMAX flooring is not new in the industry and has been doing hardwood flooring for more than a decade. We want your floor to be beautiful and long lasting. We use high quality products to ensure your floor outperforms cheaper finishes. We never put a few dollars before a quality finished product and won’t skimp on quality to save money. We only use the highest quality supplies, tools and finishes to ensure your hardwood floor installation or refinishing is the best of the best.

We have tested many different finishes and have found the best durability, best pricing and quality with Arboritec Basic Coatings and Bona. We love that these companies provide great quality and have facilities in the US so we can learn from them on how to best use their products. AMAX San Diego uses mostly 2-part component to give you the strongest finish product we can, which is great for the climate in San Diego.

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